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Like any artist, you invest lots of time and effort into producing the perfect piece. If you need someone to frame your artwork, come to us. At Roma Galleries, we offer artwork framing to people throughout Birkenhead.

With over 40 years' experience, we can assure you that our bespoke framing services will complement your artwork.

From hand painted images through to beautiful frames, we can satisfy all your artwork desires.

Oil print framing

with polished results

 •  Oil paintings

 •  Watercolours

 •  Tapestries and cross stitch

 •  We do photography framing too

We have a wide range of products from traditional wooden frames, contemporary box or tray frames and aluminium frames.  Come into the shop to view some of the frames that we have to offer.


We provide a Conservation Quality framing service for those pictures that need extra protection.  We use museum standard materials to ensure that your treasured picture will still look its best in years to come.


We also offer a wide variety of glass types for you to choose from.  Select the right glass for your picture with help from our experienced staff.  


We are a trusted supplier of Frinton Frames.  Theses ornate and authentic period designed frames are each hand finished and of the highest quality.  We have a range of samples available in our shop for you to view.

Do you need someone to frame your artwork?

Bespoke framing services

Our artwork framing services

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Want to know more about our artwork framing? Call:

0151 652 1314

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Watercolour restoration

Our service provides watercolour restoration on all pictures and paintings providing friendly and reliable help at all times.


We always listen to our customers needs and will provide a highly skilled service making sure you have a top quality picture on your hands.